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Your life, optimized
The Team
LifeState is Technology for Optimizing Lives
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Technology is one of the most remarkable achievements of the human race and its rise over the last half century has transformed our landscape, our financial markets, how we govern ourselves, how we spend our time, and how we interact with others.  Its inertia is unrelenting.

Our thinking and motivations
LifeState™ is about embracing and leveraging technology to help people lead the best, happiest, most productive lives possible.  
The foundation of LifeState is our proprietary, conceptual model of the essential elements that make up a person’s life.  Each element, when measured and optimized, can help people experience a life that is complete, balanced – and wonderful.  
LifeState's vision is to address each element of the LifeState Model: to automate what can be automated, to help people manage their lives when it cannot be automated, and to always help people comprehend their past, present and possible future.

We know it and we make it real
As technologists, we know home automation (smart homes), quantified-self technologies, personal productivity and other related technologies with depth in IoT, AI and affective technologies. Beyond technology, we are thinkers and doers representing multiple disciplines including psychology, medicine, design, even philosophy.    
We are think tank.  We do strategy and consulting.  We license our technologies and methodologies.  We create and sell products (see our SelfState™ product below).  We make it real.


SelfState is a product for capturing a person's state of well-being.  We have an in-home device called an Orb, a mobile site and website to allow those with chronic conditions to self-report their emotional valence.  Our cloud then uses this information, along with environmental information captured by the device (if available) to perform deep analytics and to push actionable information to care circles including therapists, physicians, family and friends.  We are primarily a B2B business aimed at serving clinical practices.  Go to our product website for more information:

Introduction video to SelfState

Our in-home miniOrb

We improve outcomes by capturing the subjective experience


Tahl Milburn

CEO, CTO and Founder

  • One of the world’s leading experts in home automation / smart homes (incl IoT)

  • Pioneer in automobile plant automation for Ford, Mazda, Buick (GM)

  • Former VP of Enterprise Architecture at Visa, CTO of Providian (now Chase), Global Director, Enterprise Architecture consulting at Cisco

Nicole "Nikki" Maguire

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

  • Director in Cisco's Internet of Everything (IoT) Practice

  • Managing Director of Americas, Cisco Consulting; Director of Acquisition Integration

  • BA from UC Berkeley, plus an MBA in Marketing and Operations from UCLA

Rodney Hamilton, MD

Board Advisor

  • Board pediatrician 

  • President and Chief Executive Officer,

  • Former president and CEO, digiChart, Inc. (successful exit)

  • Residency, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


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